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Stacked Tires

Green is the new Black

We convert waste tires into high value products

Chemical Plant

A Leading Industrial Scale Tire Recycling Project Developer 

Green Tire Technology (GTT) is an international industrial project developer focused on waste tire recycling and the production of refined biogenic road fuels.

We work with some of the worlds largest companies to identify, define, design, engineer and build complex industrial projects.

GTT uses a build, own, operate business model and project financing to develop world class tire recycling facilities.

What we do

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Design Projects


Build Turnkey Projects


Project Development Consulting

Why Choose Us

Best in Class Technologies

We are technology agnostic and use only the best technologies available. 

Best in Class Contractors

We work only with reputable and bankable subcontractors and service providers.

Turn-key Development

We can develop a project from start to finish through all stages and disciplines.

We source the project financing

We have existing relationships with infrastructure equity investors and debt financing.

Let's Discuss 
Your Project Idea

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Head office is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada


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