About GTT

Green Tire Technology Ltd. (GTT) is an Alberta Corporation founded in 2016 and based in Calgary, Canada.

GTT has developed proprietary intellectual property, a global network of contractors, suppliers and investors to build, own and operate large scale waste tire recycling facilities around the world.

GTT works with both its employees and third party subcontractors to manage a project from start to finish.


Our Process

We have experience in taking a project through the entire lifecycle and learning invaluable skills for keeping a project on track and on budget.

There is 4 main project stages that we work through outlined below:


1. Conceptual Design and costs estimate

We start by creating a clear definition of the project scope and produce a detailed cost estimate (+/- 30%)

Financial Report

2. Financial modelling and funding plan

We then create a financial model based on the revenue potential of the project to determine and plan how the project will be financed.

3. Commercial and legal strategy

We work with infrastructure project financing specialist law firms to develop heads of terms and convert them to full contracts meeting the funding requirements

Contract Signature

4. Execution and project management

Once a project has been funded and ready to begin we perform rigid project management using both in house and third party experts.

Construction Managers

Our Story

There is many tire recycling companies active around the world including in the pyrolysis space.  A number of companies have successfully constructed small scale commercial projects primarily focused on the production of recovered Carbon Black (rCB).  GTT builds on these learnings and works with various technology providers to develop large industrial scale projects suitable for infrastructure investors.. 


What really makes a GTT project stand out is the integration of the standard tire pyrolysis model of producing oil and rCB with an oil refinery that can produced road grade fuels.  GTT includes a hydrotreating process that can remove the sulphur content making the resulting fuels very valuable.

GTT is developing a large project in the UK which it aims to replicate in other parts of the world.  We look for large fixed price and long term feedstock supply agreements, design a project to process the volume and then pursue the funding to execute.


We are passionate about making the world a cleaner place and believe that the circular economy of waste tires has the potential to do just that.  By developing sustainable infrastructure to deal with the problem, we believe we can also deliver lucrative and profitable investment opportunities to our investors.

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